Hello, I'm Brett Heliker and here's a bit about me

Engineer, photographer, brewer. Specializing in R&D, catalyzing interactions between disparate systems to implement larger capabilities. I also enjoy travel, rock climbing, stupid adventures that often result in stories.

Last known location:

Our 2020

2020 was real. 2020 had some fun. 2020 was not real fun.

Our 2019

There was a new member added to the family – so this year it is all baby photos.

Our 2018

A year of settling in to our city, our home, our marriage, and our lives.

Our 2017

A year so busy we didn't have time to do anything.

My 2016

Holy Shit.

My 2015

What a year of change! My first year living outside of California and I've travelled out of it almost as much as I've lived in it. The new job and startup has grown explosively.

My 2014

This year brought more photos, more stories, more significant events than I can believe. I travelled around the country more times than I can remember. I saw many of my best friends marry and start their lives together. I had so many fun adventures, so many memories made – this was truely a great year.

My 2013

This is a summary of my 2013. From the depths of Zion to the summit of Halfdome; from snowboarding to mountainbiking to climbing to brewing; from weddings to reunions to parties; the year was once again full of Adventure.

My 2012

This is my follow up to last year's critically (mother) acclaimed My2011. I didn't go on the epic, international adventures this year but I still had a great time with a series of closer, smaller adventures. Put on your seatbelts, keep your hands and arms inside and try not to get motion sickness.

My 2011

A visual summary of a fantastic year.